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Waxing your car not only makes it look nicer, but it also protects the paint.

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Waxing your car is one of the best ways to make it look great and protects its exterior.

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This wash is gentle enough to be used on any surfaces, so you can clean your entire car with just one product.Check out some of our other car maintenance and cleaning how-tos here at The News Wheel.Choosing the best car wax is essential for a long-lasting, durable shine that fits within your budget.Follow these 10 tips to get the most out of your next wax job.

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I was thinking about starting from scratch and am looking for a way to remove all previous layers of wax off my car and start fresh.Yes, you can give your car to the car wash and have them do all the work, but it costs a lot and no one is going to do a better job that you on your own car.While most car shoppers have a strategy for getting a good deal when buying a car, they may not have a plan to extract the most.The Car Talk Communities are a never-ending source of material for us, and this week is no exception.

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A layer of wax will create a barrier between your paint and the rest of the world so that these contaminants become embedded in the wax instead of your car.

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Do you run a fleet of cars or trucks in the Ottawa or Gatineau region.

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We have based these ratings and reviews from customer feedback that we have found online.For some, it can be pretty boring or just another thing to do.

Depending on the particular needs of your car, the auto detailer may then use wax, paint sealant, dressings, leather conditioners, or water protector for cloth fabric.When you inevitably get bugs, sap, and all other sorts of things dripping onto your car the wax will prevent them from making contact with your paint.

At Distinctive Mobile Detail we can detail any car, boat, motorcycle, motor home, RV or even aircraft at your location.Car shopping: How to get the most out of your vehicle trade-in.Keep the cloth in your car and use it whenever you feel dust on the car.

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Many car wax products can be layered to help cover minor surface marring.Get your car fixed for (almost) free Psst. automakers are picking up the tab to fix many common problems.If you are following my detailing guide series on reading this article you will be at a stage where your paintwork is suitably prepped for you to now look at how to wax a car by hand.

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Set your buffer at a low speed, apply wax to the buffing pad or directly onto the car, and buff the car holding the buffer evenly on the surface of the car.

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Carnauba wax will give your car a fabulous shine—but only for about four to six weeks, so get ready to pay for that sheen with some extra elbow grease.

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If you feel the surface is rough to the touch, the paint will need to be waxed.Distinctive Mobile Detailing will provide you with the highest quality detailing service available in Pittsburgh.All visible chrome is hand polished followed by conditioning all exterior rubber and trim to a brilliant wet shine.

Get rid of bed bugs living in your car by making your car an uninhabitable environment for the bugs.Waxing your car is a great way to protect the paint from being damaged by weather conditions, small rocks and road grime while bringing out the natural shine.One of the best reasons to wax your car is to protect the paint from contaminants.